The ZEV USA exclusive membership program is sponsored by eMpasys. The membership will allow companies to have access to ZEVUSA BEV transportation solutions. The membership registration cost is $2,495.00 USD for Organizations and Businesses. All new members will receive their Member ID card in 7-10 days. The annual membership renewal cost is $1,495.00 USD each and every year.

We will also offer renewable technology customized solutions,services and project opportunities to non members based on a (1) year membership registration cost. The registration cost is $4,495.00 USD and All new members will receive a Member ID card. All The Membership registration cost will be applied as a credit toward your renewable technology solution and or services.

As a member supported and member driven organization our services and solutions are available to members or our RESP partners only. As a member your information is protected by a confidentiality clause that’s a part of our membership agreement. Members will receive custom design renewable technology solutions to be utilized by our members. Members will receive 10% discount towards any EV charging system and or solution, Customized BEV manufacture purchase program at 10% off, and renewable technology solutions special pricing. All members will receive email newsletters, special promotions, exclusive discounts to top national retailers,and other benefits from our exclusive affiliate partners. Our product line includes; BEV Charging stations, BEV Transportation Solutions, Energy Storage Systems,BEV power Cells and Income producing BEV infrastructure development.

Conditions of Membership Program:

Subject to eMpasys’s membership policy and conditions, which may change without notice. Membership is for a period of one (1) year from the date of enrollment. The annual membership renewal cost is $1,495.00 USD each and every year. Non member service request registration cost is $4,495.00 includes a Member ID card and will expire after (1) year. All The Membership registration cost is credit toward your renewable technology solution and or orders.

Member ID card will be recognized and accepted by all eMpasys’s affiliates, partners and EV service providers. Our affiliates and or suppliers may require sales tax to be charged on an item or service they provide. eMpasys members have access to all affiliates EV Charging Infrastructure, services and products, as well as EV charging privileges. By becoming a member you will have access to our EV charging location, sites and service centers. When you utilize our cards you are consenting to our terms and requirements. (1) Be sure to utilize the cards in accordance with all instructions provided on brochure or card. (2) You must follow all legal regulations associated with utilizing our affiliates EV charging facilities. Please provide member ID or utilize membership card for all member services.

Membership Renewal: The Member must authorize renewal and is responsible for the account. Members will receive a renewal notice by email or text. If you agree to our terms upon completion of this membership application a Membership ID will be emailed to you and you will receive your I.D card in 7-10 days.

Upon completion of this membership application you agree to our terms;

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