The EV Market

The landscape for the Electric Vehicle market is vastly different than what it was in 1995, and present opportunities are available for those with the expert knowledge to navigate it. We are your partner with expert knowledge and real world experience in the renewable tech electric transportation industry.

Now electric Vehicles are a major factor in the transportation industry. More than 1.5 Mil electric vehicles are currently on the road. The range of the electric vehicles has also expanded rapidly and there are 77 different types of electric vehicles including boats, ships and small Air planes.

Electric transportation is a  direct economical contributor to the economy and a competitive   transportation solution. Transportation is the activity that physically connects consumers and businesses to its supply chain partners, such as manufactures,suppliers and retailers.

We will make sure that all ZEV commercial and non-commercial clients  understand their total cost of ownership. The ZEV total cost of ownership report  is based on ZEV routs, vehicle maintenance reduction, fuel reduction and recharging infrastructure. The ZEV commercial Recharging infrastructure solutions must be designed to support clients existing ZEV transportation Recharging requirements and future ultra-fast Recharging capabilities.

All members and clients will receive ZEV introduction information; webinars; EV customization  options;  Fleet Vehicles data summaries similar to real-world Info;  EV video presentations; EV total cost of ownership information; Fleet recharging infrastructure total cost of ownership and benefits; EV Marketing Training,EV Financing and or lease arrangement. We also provide access to electric vehicle maintenance and service certification training.

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