eMpasys ZEV  complete EV infrastructure solutions are available to all exclusive international members.  ZEV transportation is a  direct economical contributor to the economy and a competitive   transportation solution. Transportation is the activity that physically connects consumers and businesses to its supply chain partners, such as manufactures,suppliers and retailers. We provide a ZEV total cost of ownership report to all our members and clients based on their ZEV request.

All potential ZEV commercial and non-commercial clients will need to understand their total cost of ownership. The ZEV transportation infrastructure cost is based on ZEV routs and location. The ZEV Recharging solutions must be designed to support clients existing ZEV transportation Recharging requirements and future ultra-fast Recharging capabilities.

All our members and clients will receive ZEV introduction information; webinars; EV customization  options;  Fleet Vehicles data summaries similar to real-world Info;  EV video presentations; EV total cost of ownership information; Fleet recharging infrastructure total cost of ownership and benefits; EV Financing and or lease arrangement and Option manufacture site visitation.

eMpasys, is an I.T. renewable technology company that was establish in 1998,  we stay on the cutting edge with our renewable technology designs, developments and solutions. As a member supported and member driven organization, our renewable technology consultation, engineering, customize solutions, and services are available to members or affiliate partners.

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