EV InfraTest

Automatic Testing for EV and PHEVs infrastructure maintenance compliance applications. The demand for EVs and Recharging stations are steadily growing and the infrastructure is designed with power electronics; consisting of  equipment that measure the required amount of energy to supply to the EVs and PHEVs. In order to keep the Recharging station in optimum operating condition and maintain its accuracy, service and calibration should be performed. We can provide customized mobile service system, which is specifically designed to perform diagnosis,measurement and meter calibration for these Recharging stations.

In order to provide optimum EV and PHEV Recharging operating condition, it is important to maintain serviceability. Our Auto EV tester provides unique, dynamic diagnostic capabilities. These include: vehicle battery unit testing, voltage/current parameter measurement reading, CAN bus interface,
diagnostic reporting, etc. The test system provides diagnostic data through the internet directly to the vehicle manufacturer for data analysis.

Window base operating  software includes extended reporting capabilities, statistic and management functions, various test document generation and system administration. The unique report wizard and generator provide the total solution for any documentation requirement. It allows users to integrate different types of presentations, like tabular test data, DSO waveform and correlation charts in M/S Word format.

Users may also edit and store report formats for future use, thus saving time creating test reports. The Statistic function provides off the-shelf statistical reporting tools. All the test conditions defined in the test program as well as the test readings can be stored and analyzed by the statistic report function. The report and raw data may be printed out or stored in a file.