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The ZEVUSA fast commercial universal full service recharging infrastructure will be built or installed on member partners commercial real estate sites; Convenience Stores, Gas stations, Automotive dealers, Malls, Truck Stops, Transportation Centers, Commercial lots,  Closed Locations and High-Traffic Corridors.   The ZEVUSA partner program is a turnkey multiple income stream opportunity with an option to provide electric vehicle transportation orders and renewable tech solutions.  Also it will increase the value of your Commercial Business, help Generate more customers and increase your revenue stream.

The ZEVUSA commercial Full service Recharging sites will be logistically situated and located. This is a turnkey multiple income stream opportunity with an option to provide electric vehicle transportation orders, sales, digital Ads, EV services and renewable tech products. We currently have 500+ Development sites  available for potential investors.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are on the rise and they are no longer the stuff of science fiction movies. Timing is everything  and EVs have yet to fully take off in the mass market. The production of EVs are scaling up, states are starting to build out the charging infrastructure needed to support a mass market, and even other electric transportation solutions are running up impressive numbers.

BP and Shell, two major fuel company are currently establishing EV charging systems at a few of their locations.  Also Royal Dutch Shell is forecasting that oil demand could peak by the late 2030s, based on EV aggressive adoption. Both companies have been backing up their forecast with investments in EV charging systems. EVs worldwide are expected to leap from 3 million in 2017 to 13 million every year for the next 23 years. By 2040, the electric vehicle will account for 15% of the total global car fleet.

Commercial Full Service EVs & Recharging Opportunities

ZEVUSA will evaluate and reviews all potential commercial EV Recharging sites based on  our demand and investor portfolio. We are actively seeking international commercial sites. All potential sites are protected via a non-disclosure agreement and therefore we cannot disclose potential EV ReCharging site locations. ZEVUSA recharging infrastructure is a residue income opportunity with an optional ZEV transportation sales and service solution.

We do conduct extensive market research surrounding the potential site location and have a basic site selection criteria in place. Our site location managers are experts in their area combining both site criteria and trade area traffic low marketing. Please complete the form below for partnership consideration, ZEVUSA is eMpasys brand name for electric vehicle transportation and EV Recharging.

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