ReCharging Solution

Z.E.V Ultra Fast Recharging  Anywhere 
Highway,Urban And Rural Areas ReCharging

Our DCFC zero emission EV recharging solutions are customized for commercial site operators and fleet owners. The Ultra-Fast Recharging solution can be  customized for various electric vehicles as a  universal   EV Recharging solution.  The customized commercial EV Recharging solutions are designed to support today’s electric vehicles with future Ultra-Fast Recharging capabilities. Our EV Recharging infrastructure designs are for commercial BEV and PHEV ReCharging requirements.

The commercial ZEV ReCharging solution are design  with OnSite renewable power or any other alternative energy resource. This is a seamless solution that can be designed to recharge multiple EVs.

100% Zero Emission  EV ReCharging Solution

If you utilize renewable energy to charge your electric vehicle you are operating at 100% zero emission.  All Electric vehicle charging stations that are connected to a utility grid still emits Co2 when the vehicle is charging. We can provide a 100% zero emission renewable power Recharging solution, no Co2 emission, No user registration and No network affiliation needed.   (Great Profit Margins).

OnSite Power Zero Emission EV Infrastructure  Example

Electric  Vehicle Port to EV Charger Connectors

Our onsite or cloud-based ReCharging facility management solution can monitor and control multiple recharging stations. Once a recharging station has been connected to our back-office management platform, each recharging station can be conveniently configured, monitored and controlled in real time. The ReCharging management platform will seamlessly connect and communicate with all EV charging stations.

Our DCFC ReCharging solutions can be  designed to deliver fast reliable charging anywhere. The ZEV Recharging stations can be installed on highways and throughout urban and rural areas.

Urban Area ReCharging:

The Ultra Fast  ZEV rechargers will support inter-urban EV drivers that travel from one site to the other. It can also be associated with other travel corridor facilities (e.g., truck stops, fast food restaurants, convenience stores, and tourist information centers).  Ultra Fast DC recharging for urban communities are very important and will serve three types of customers: (1) intra-urban commercial and non-commercial fleet drivers, (2) BEV and PHEV Owners who do not have access to overnight recharging systems(e.g., residents of multi-unit dwellings), and (3) inter-urban travelers needing a recharge upon reaching their destination or passing through an urban area on the way to a final destination.

EV ReCharging Renewable Tech Facility Design

Solar Off / On Grid EV Recharging Solution

Zero Emission Micro Grid Power System  For EV Infrastructure Anywhere

The OnSite DDP can operate as a decentralize renewable power source for BEV fleet Recharging infrastructure saving companies and or investors $8 billion dollars or more per year. A OnSite power system is imperative for any commercial fleet that utilize electric vehicles. A commercial zero emission recharging infrastructure should be designed with a minimum, of 1MW of renewable power.      ©eMpasys

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