ReCharging Solution

Z.E.V Ultra Fast Recharging  Anywhere 
Highway,Urban And Rural Areas Charging In  Minutes

We provide DCFC ZEV infrastructure  for commercial BEVs and PEVs recharging anywhere. Our  DC fast ZEV Recharging solution can be  designed as a universal   ZEV Recharging solution for all electric vehicles. The ZEV Recharging site  should be designed to support clients existing ZEV transportation Recharging requirements and future ultra-fast Recharging capabilities. 

The criteria for designing a DC  fast Recharging site with universal ports were developed to meet the needs of BEV and PEV drivers seeking convenient fast ReCharging. Our ZEV recharging technology solution  are based each commercial site  requirements.  Our  Z.E.V USA fast Recharging RTF locations are not self service sites, they are professionally attendant. We are developing commercial sites and creating careers within the zero emission vehicle  recharging industries.

Remote Service Support Platform

Our ZEV Recharging solutions can be installed on highways and throughout urban and rural areas. The ZEV Recharging industry is environmentally friendly and will reduce vehicle expenses while increasing revenue. The DC fast ZEV recharger can support inter-urban travel located between urban centers and may be typically associated with other travel corridor facilities (e.g., truck stops, fast food restaurants, convenience stores, and tourist information centers).

DC fast  recharging in urban communities are important and are expected to serve three types of customers: (1) intra-urban travelers seeking a “top off” recharge to continue their daily activities, (2) ZEV Owners who do not have access to overnight recharging systems(e.g., residents of multi-unit dwellings), and (3) inter-urban travelers needing a recharge upon reaching their destination or passing through an urban area on the way to a final destination.

 The ZEV commercial ReCharging solution can be design on or off the grid with a Gas station infrastructure feel. This is a seamless solution that will accept Cash or Credit  just like a local Gas station. We can provide 1 or multiple Recharging arms with CHAdeMO, CCS, GB/T or Tesla HPWC connections.  Our fast ReCharging stations can be  designed to deliver fast reliable charging anywhere. 

Customized Standalone ReCharger

The kilowatt-hours value tells you how much ZEV Recharge is needed for the vehicle to travel the required miles. Like gallons per miles, the kilowatt-hours per miles relates directly to the amount of electricity used and the cost. The ZEV remote service support platform will receive real-time data from the  Recharging site and relay the data to the monitoring center.  The  ZEV  system can be designed to Recharge multiple electric vehicles at the same time.

Customized ReCharging Port


■ Flexible multi-protocol design: CCS, CHAdeMO, GB/T.
■ Flexible power distribution function, dynamically adjust output power according to the demand of electric vehicles.
■ Multi port connectors to recharge zevs simultaneously, customized power
■ 12-15 inch  display screen, easy operation and humanized user interface; Support various payment methods;
■ Insulation monitoring function, automatically turn off output to ensure safe charging;
■ High adaptability of temperature range, isolated heat dissipation air ducts, power heat is separated from control circuit to ensure dust-free of control unit.
■ High efficiency, high reliability, ultra-low radiation, fast maintenance, flexible capacity expansion, energy efficiency and environmental protection. The Chargers are designed to be durable, reliable, modular and easy to service. The communication protocol is OCPP.

Renewable Power  ZEV ReCharging Solution

If you utilize Renewable power your ZEV recharging design would be 100% zero emission.  Electric vehicle charging stations that are connected to a utility grid still emits Co2 when the vehicle is charging. We can provide a 100% zero emission renewable power Recharging solution, no Co2 emission, No user registration and No network affiliation needed.   (Great Profit Margins).

Solar Off / On Grid EV Recharging Solution

The renewable power Z.E.V fast Recharging solution is aimed at implementing Recharging infrastructure anywhere, while reducing the high installation cost.

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